DeWALT 20V MAX Angle Grinder Tool Kit

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If you want a quality angle grinder that offers reliability and performance, DeWALT offers both in abundance. This cordless angle grinder tool kit comes complete with the tool, charger and lithium-ion battery.

The grinding wheel size is slightly smaller than the Makita model at 4.5 inches, but it’s still an effective angle grinder that can attack most materials.

You get the same emergency stop function in case the blade jams, which only takes 2 seconds to get going. You also get a reset function in case the power supply from the battery fails. If that happens, you’ll have to turn it off and back on before you start working.

It also has additional safety features like a 2-stage start switch to prevent accidental startup, and like most that appear in the review, you also get a brushless motor. What makes this premium angle grinder stand out is the variety of safety and convenience features it has.

The downside is, you’ll have to dig deep to get all this technology because this model isn’t cheap.

Why we love it

Enhanced Safety Features
With a 2-stage starter switch to avoid accidental start-up and the automatic shut-off function should the wheel become jammed, you feel safe using this tool.
Battery and Charger Included
Who would have believed that we eventually feature a cordless angle grinder that comes with the battery and charger? Well, that’s actually incorrect because this model comes with 2 batteries.
Quality Brand
You cannot argue with the quality of this angle grinder. DeWALT is a name famed the world over for quality, performance and value for money.

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