dying light blueprints what are saw blades use for

What can you do with a blade in Dying Light?

There are 4 variants of Blade in the base game: Blades are modifiable with the following 22 blueprints: In real life, many of the blades in-game actually serve as cutting tools. Billhooks are used in agriculture and forestry for cutting shrubs and branches.

What can you do with blueprints in Dying Light?

In addition to improving weapon stats similar to Weapon Upgrades, blueprints can apply elemental effects and damage types: Burning — uses fire to ignite enemy opponents and damages them over time. When applied, the weapon has a taped and modified blowtorch on the side.

What do you use a handsaw for in Dying Light?

Handsaws (also known in-game as Hand Saws) are a type of sharp melee weapon featured in Dying Light introduced in The Following . There are 17 variants of Handsaw in The Following : Handsaws are modifiable with the following 21 blueprints. In real life, Saws are generally used as tools for wood despite their variations.

Which is the best upgrade for Dying Light?

From orange blueprints, that would be Toxic Reaper, Bolter Poison, Angel Sword, All-In-One and God Hammer. From upgrade modifications, King and Clicker are the best.


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