Evolution Power Tools R255SMS

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If you’re looking for the best miter saw when it comes to getting value for your money, then you can hardly go wrong with the Evolution Power Tools R255SMS saw.

Equipped with a multi-material carbide blade, the Evolution miter saw can cut through a variety of different materials including wood, aluminum, steel, plastic and more. The optimized 2000-watt blade and gear system are also said to improve motor and blade life, no matter how often you use your new tool.

When it comes to accuracy, the Evolution R255SMS model is great for precision cutting thanks to its laser line function, 300mm carriage and trench cut function. Additionally, you can access a 45-degree bevel or 50-degree miter setting to handle all different cutting angles. Whether you’re looking for something for jobsite work as part of your carpentry profession or a DIY tool, this is a great option.
The saw is particularly good at cutting steel, with minimal issues with heat, burrs, and sparks – meaning you’ll get much better results than with most abrasive miter saws. Additionally, to give you some peace of mind, the Evolution miter saw includes a 3-year limited warranty on any saw you buy in the Us.

However, according to some of the miter saw reviews we’ve read, it’s worth noting that the laser light can be difficult to see during the day. Also, the clamps on this saw can come loose quite easily, which can be a problem for some people, especially if you’re working on a professional job. Nonetheless, for all of its amazing features, we consider this fantastic device our editor’s choice.


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