Hitachi Chop Saw (Laser marker for more accurate cuts)

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The Hitachi miter saw is equipped with a laser marking system that ensures maximum accuracy on every cut. Its 15-amp motor is durable and powerful to handle the toughest cuts in wood. It offers wider miter and bevel angles for greater accuracy and flexibility. The chop saw has an elastomer handle that reduces vibration and allows for a more controlled cut.

This Hitachi makes up for simplicity with pure quality and design. The laser marking can be a lifesaver for precise cuts. Buyers were also pleased with how compact the Hitachi chop saw is. It takes up little space and is light enough to move around the shop. It also has a vacuum cleaner attachment that can be connected to a vacuum cleaner for a clean, dirt-free environment. One minor disappointment was the instruction booklet, which wasn’t very clear on how to put everything together. However, this is annoying at most and does not interfere with operation.


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