how do i use a coping saw jig joint made with a router

How to make a router jig for woodworking?

The first step in how to make a router jig is to consider the vast variety of jigs that are available for you to make. No two router jigs are alike. They each provide a unique guide to follow for the creation of your template. Consider these router jigs for your woodworking project. Router jig: This is the type of jig we will be concentrating on.

What's the best way to clean a jig joint?

Move the jig in from the part ends until the cut meets the saw kerf. Align the saw edge of the jig with the rabbet layout line, clamp the jig in place, and cut a saw kerf to define the rabbet shoulders. To clean out the rabbets, start with the router edge of the jig 3/8" from the stile ends, and make repeat router cuts to the saw kerf.

Can a table saw jig be used as a jointer?

You can also make a jig to turn your table saw into a jointer . Now this jig from Jay Bates at is a great multipurpose table saw jig, which lets you joint the timber edges. For more details on this jig, you can find it here.

Can a router be used to make a finger joint?

How to make box joints (sometimes called finger joints) using only a router. Making box joints on the table saw requires a dado stack which isn’t available in all areas. The next best method is at the router table but not everyone has the space for a dedicated router table.


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