how do i use a jig saw to cut wood

Can a jigsaw be used to cut wood?

When it comes to cutting curves on a wide variety of materials, few power tools compare to the versatile jigsaw. Just like the hand jigsaw, an electric jigsaw can cut precise curves on wood, plastic, metal, and even ceramic tile. To use a jigsaw to cut curves, you can start with a freehand cutting line and carefully follow that with the jigsaw.

How do you cut a 2x4 with a jigsaw?

You have a wide option of blades for cutting 2 x 4 wood. If you would like to know more about the kind of blade to use, visit this site. Select and insert the appropriate blade for your project into your jigsaw. After fixing the blade, point the jigsaw away from you or any person, turn on the machine and press the trigger button slowly.

What's the best way to cut curves with a jigsaw?

To cut out tight turns with a jigsaw, make relief cuts on the waste side of the cutting line. The tighter the curve or the circle, the more relief cuts are needed. You can also use the blade and make small sweeping motions left to right and slowly chip away at the wood too. Both are good tactics to use.

What's the best way to start a jigsaw?

An alternative to the starter hole method is a plunge cut, or pocket cut. On rough work, lean the saw forward onto the front lip of the shoe so that the blade is parallel to the wood. Start the saw and when at full speed, tip the saw back to ease the blade into the wood.


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