how do you use see saw seen properly

How many ways can a student use seesaw?

Seesaw Ambassadors put together a list of 100 ways your students can use Seesaw! Also available in French! Have more questions? Get in touch

How can I record an assignment on SeeSaw?

While cloning is not yet an option on the SeeSaw dashboard, try recording directions. Just take a picture of an assignment and use the record tool in Seesaw to read the directions. Then print Seesaw’s QR code of the video. Paste it onto the assignment, and students can scan it and listen as needed.

What do you need to make a see saw?

Find an area in your backyard that has room for a See-Saw and remove any objects that might hinder its up and down movement. To prepare the seat board of the See-Saw, cut one of the 2 x 8 inch boards 9 feet in length. Cut the other 2 x 8 inch board to the same length in order to make the brace board.

How to use seesaw icon shortcuts in activities?

How do I use Seesaw icon shortcuts in activities instructions? How do I add Folders and Skills to an Activity? How do I create groups of students within my class? How do I print from Seesaw? What happens when students move classes midyear? What will families be able to see after a class is archived?


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