how to best use your cordless drill with a hole saw

What kind of drill do you need for a hole saw?

Insert the end of the arbour into the drill’s chuck. You should use a corded mains-powered drill or a cordless drill that has at least an 18-volt battery. 18 volts is required for the cordless drill as anything less may not produce the required torque to use your hole saw effectively. Tighten the chuck until it holds the arbor securely.

Which is the best way to use a cordless drill?

Here’s how to use a cordless drill: 1 Installing A Drill Bit​. ... 2 Removing the Bit​. ... 3 Speed Range and Action Mode Selection​. ... 4 Clutch​. ... 5 Chuck Rotation​. ... 6 Changing Direction​. ... 7 Drilling Little Holes​. ... 8 Drilling Larger Holes​. ... 9 Drive Screws​. ... 10 Sand Countours, Remove Rust​. ... More items...

How do you cut a hole with a hole saw?

Choose a hole saw with the correct diameter needed for a hole-cutting project. These tools can be purchased at any hardware supply shop. Notice that the hole saw has a bit that can be attached to the pilot drill. Attach the hole saw bit to the pilot drill through the threads in the chuck arbor. Secure the two together by screwing them tightly.

Can a cordless drill be used for masonry?

However, you can use a cordless drill on tougher material like metal with the right drill bit. You could also use a standard cordless drill/driver to drill holes on a wall using a masonry drill bit. But it would take longer than usual and there is a higher chance of damaging your cordless drill.


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