How to Use 10 inch sliding miter saw

How much wood can you cut with a sliding miter saw?

With the same 10 inch blade, you can cut into wood or plywood up to 2 inches, as opposed to just 1.25 inches with a non-sliding miter saw. While a non-sliding miter saw may only let you crosscut a board 6 inches with a 10 inch blade, a sliding miter saw will let you cut almost twice as much.

When did the sliding compound miter saw come out?

Sliding miter saws have come a long way since Hitachi created the category in 1988 with its 8 1/2-inch slider. At the time, it was a trim carpenter’s dream tool. Today, carpenters can buy a dual-bevel sliding compound miter saw in a variety of blade sizes: 7 1/4-, 7 1/2-, 8 1/2-, 10-, or 12-inch.

Which is the best type of miter saw to buy?

The smaller radius allows the blades to spin faster using fewer amps ultimately driving down the cost of electricity, too. A good 10 inch option is the DW717 made by Dewalt. A great all-round sliding compound miter saw. The benefits of the 10-inch saw do not always outweigh that of the 12-inch.

Can a sliding miter saw be used for bevels?

A compound sliding miter saw will do miter cuts and bevels at the same time. Miter saws have a fence that allows you to rest the back of the board against while cutting to help keep the board steady and helps your miter saw cut to the precise degree you have chosen.


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