How to Use 10 inch table saw ripping blade

Which is the best table saw blade for ripping wood?

Just don’t do cross cuts with it. A very well reviewed ripping table saw blade is the Freud D1024X. On a 10″ blade it has 24 teeth in a ATB configuration. Also being thin kerf at 0.098″ means that it makes very quick rip cuts in soft and hard woods as well as sheet materials such as plywood and OSB.

How deep can a 10 inch table saw cut?

Due to this difference, the actual cutting depth of a 10-inch blade is only about 3.5 inches. Even though a 10-inch table saw blade is capable of cutting through a 3.5-inch piece of wood, there are instances when that will not be necessary.

What's the best way to use a table saw?

Plug in the table saw and place the material to be cut on the table, aligned with the rip fence, but do not allow the material to touch the blade until you’ve turned on the saw and the blade reaches full speed. If the material makes contact with the blade before the blade reaches cutting speed, it a sure recipe for kickback.

What's the Rip capacity of a table saw?

Table saws are key to ripping wide sheets of material, but the maximum width of material that will fit between the saw blade and the fence varies, a measurement known as the rip capacity. Rip capacity starts around 18 inches for entry-level bench saws and runs up to 60 inches or more for professional cabinet saws.


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