How to Use 12 circular saw

What makes a circular saw a good power tool?

: Because of the design of the saw, the blade will cut cleaner at the bottom. So, if it's important, make sure the good side is facing down when you make cuts with a circular saw. Because it's a handheld power tool, the circular saw can cut a straight line at basically any angle on a board.

What kind of cuts can you make with a circular saw?

Here are types of cuts you can easily make with a circular saw: Crosscut – Cuts that cut across the grain of wood. Rip cut – Cuts that cut with the grain of the wood. Dado – A shallow cut that goes across the grain of wood but isn’t deep enough to cut through the wood.

How long does it take to make a circular saw?

It takes about an hour to build this circular saw rip guide. Cut the plywood base and pieces carefully to make sure they have parallel sides and square corners. Make the slots and the hole for the blade and blade guard by first drilling 3/8-in. holes in the corners and then cutting between them with a jigsaw.

What are the safety rules for a circular saw?

Here are the general safety rules when using a circular saw: Always remove the blade before making adjustments to the saw. Wear eye protection and hearing protection. NEVER cut a board or any other material down the middle when it’s resting on two supports. Always wear form-fitting clothes when using power tools; nothing dangly.


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