How to Use 36 inch band saw machine

What kind of cuts can a band saw make?

A band saw is typically used to make straight or slightly curved cuts through a variety of materials. A band saw has a continuous looped blade that is driven in one direction by a motor and flywheel. The cutting edge is a vertical length of the blade that is exposed in the gap between the material table and the blade guide.

What's the minimum speed for a band saw?

Note:Spring Steel Wood Cutting Band Saw Blades should never be operated at surface speeds above 3000 SFM. Carbon Hard Edge Flexible Back Band Saw Blades may be run up to 8000 SFM. Minimum Material TPIThickness 32 3/32″ 24 1/8″ 18 5/32″ 14 1/4″ 10 5/16″ 8 3/8″ 6 1/2″ 4 3/4″ 31″ 2 1-1/2″ How-To’sfor all Band Saw Blades Right Wrong Right Wrong

What should I do before using a band saw?

Ensure sufficient light while using a band saw. Wear goggles or safety glass to protect your eyes from flying wood chips. Avoid unnecessary ornaments of clothing to keep yourself safe from the sharp blades. Check the condition of the blades and wheels several times before plugging on the machine.

How is the blade width of a band saw measured?

Blade width is measured from the tips of the teeth to the back edge of the blade as shown above.The instructions for the particular machine being used should be followed when selecting blade width. Choosing the Correct Blade Width


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