How to Use 36v circular saw

What's the best thing about using a circular saw?

One of the good things about using a circular saw is that you can angle the blade to make bevel cuts. However, one issue is that the blade guard can catch on the wood as you start your cut. To prevent this from happening, hold the blade guard up until you get an inch or two into the cut.

When to use 45 degree angle on circular saw?

It corresponds to the position of the blade when it's set to 90 degrees, and should be used any time you’re making a normal cut. The line labelled "45" on the righthand side of the notch is for making beveled cuts at a precise 45-degree angle. Activate the saw blade by pulling the trigger on the rear handle.

How big does a circular saw blade need to be?

The standard size is 7 and 1/4″ and I would recommend you consider getting that size. The rule of thumb is that the bigger the blade you’ve got, the thicker the material you can cut. I’d recommend you stick with the 7 and 1/4″ size, which has a deeper cutting capacity and is going to have more power. Circular Saw Blades: Which One Do You Use?

What kind of battery does a circular saw use?

The new Milwaukee M18 Fuel Circular Saw features a single 18V battery system that runs a 7-1/4″ blade. This entry into the full size cordless circular saw arena made waves because of the fact that it only uses that one M18 RedLithium battery.


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