How to Use 4.5 circular saw

How big a circular saw should you need to cut 4x4?

In comparison to the 7 ¼” blade, the 10 ¼” has a maximum depth of 3 13/16” while the 12” blade can cut to 4”. This shows that the 10 ¼” blade will still not be sufficient for your needs while the 12” will only just barely make it. There are problems with fitting a larger blade to a normal saw as it has not been designed for such.

How do you make a cut with a circular saw?

For an accurate cut, mark the side of the material that will become waste, then line up the blade to just leave the pencil line on the keep side. To make the cut, support the front of the saw shoe on the work piece, but keep the blade about an inch from the material.

What kind of blade can I use for a circular saw?

Abrasive blades can cut materials like brick and concrete. Some abrasive blades are suitable as a metal-cutting circular saw blade. Like the diamond blades, they don't have teeth. They cut with an abrasive material like aluminum oxide or silicon carbide.

When to use 45 degree angle on circular saw?

It corresponds to the position of the blade when it's set to 90 degrees, and should be used any time you’re making a normal cut. The line labelled "45" on the righthand side of the notch is for making beveled cuts at a precise 45-degree angle. Activate the saw blade by pulling the trigger on the rear handle.


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