How to Use 59.5 band saw blade

What should the blade speed be on a band saw?

Bandsaw blade speeds between 75 and 300 BFPM are required to cut hardened materials and receive favorable blade life. If your wood saw has two speeds, use the slow speed for cutting soft metal. When cutting wood, the Rule of Thumb is 3 to 12 teeth in the work, with the most general purpose count being 6 TPI.

What can I cut with a band saw?

Make clog-free cuts in thick cross sections of steel, aluminum, brass, bronze, wood, and plastic. These blades have forward-angled teeth and plenty of space for chips to collect. Cut structural shapes such as I-beams and angle iron as well as bundles of structural shapes and tubing with less tooth breakage than other blades.

How often do you need to replace blades on a bandsaw?

Anyone who has used a bandsaw extensively knows how often it is necessary to replace the blades. Most bandsaw blades don't last very long, and in fact, any use of a bandsaw requires having at least one spare blade at hand, due to the risk of a blade breaking during use.

Which is the best band saw for resawing?

The thin kerf of the blade makes it ideal for resawing thick stock, although it performs well on any kind of material. Those who require a low tension, long-lasting blade that works well at all revs will find this to be the best band saw blade for its purpose.


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