how to use a chicago sliding compound miter saw

What should I know about the Chicago electric compound miter saw?

Chicago Electric 10-inch Sliding Compound Miter Saw 1 Build & Design. The Chicago Electric 10-inch sliding compound miter saw boasts a smart design that allows performing a host of cutting tasks. 2 Cutting Capacity. ... 3 Blade & Accessories. ... 4 Speed & Performance. ... 5 Consumer Reviews. ...

What kind of saw is a sliding compound?

A sliding compound miter saw is a mitre saw with guide rails on which the saw head can move back and forth. There are essentially three main kinds of miter saws out there. There are standard or basic miter saws.

Can a compound miter saw cut at both angles?

Compound miter saws can complete both types of angles with a single cut. This type of miter saw has an adjustment mechanism to swing the blade from left to right. Additionally, the blade can be tilted so that it cuts at an angle instead of straight down.

When do you need a sliding miter saw?

For example, a 12-inch sliding miter saw can easily cut materials that are up to 16 inches wide baseboards. This makes a variety of jobs far easier. For example, think if you are trying to build a fence. You are going to need a miter saw to make the accurate cuts needed to build the fence posts.


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