how to use a chop saw for angle cuts

What kind of cut does a chop saw make?

​A chop saw makes only one type of cut: straight down at a 90 degree angle to your material. ​A miter saw can cut at a variety of angles. While it utilizes the same downward cutting motion, the angle of cut can be adjusted.

How do you set the angle on a chop saw?

You can set this angle by turning the handle that is located on the base of your chop saw. As you adjust the angle of cut, you’ll notice the blade and base rotate into position to the make the angle cut. Check that you have dialed in the correct angle of cut by slowly moving the chop saw blade down onto your marking without the blade operating.

When is the best time to use a chop saw?

When to Use a Chop Saw. Cutting Metal: This is the tool of choice for cutting metal. You can also cut aluminum and non-ferrous metals as well as lumber and timber. Decking is also a good material choice to cut with a chop saw.You are only limited by the blade force and what material dimensions your chop saw will accept.

How to cut more than 45 degrees with a circular saw?

First, we'll need to do a little first grade math. 1. Subtract the desired angle from 90 and cut that in the opposite direction. In our case, that angle would be 30 degrees. This will be the angle we calibrate our circular saw too.


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