how to use a circubestlar saw

Is the circular saw a good tool to use?

Circular saws are great tools. They are able to make a wide variety of cuts and because they are so useful, you will find one in almost every tool shed or workshop out there. However, circular saws have a major flaw, which is their inability to make very accurate cuts easily.

How many degrees can a circular saw cut?

Some circular saws can cut up to 50 degrees and some miter saws can even get to 60°. If you're going to be making a lot of these types of acute angles, or just lots of cuts in general, a good miter saw may be worth the investment.

How long does it take to make a circular saw?

It takes about an hour to build this circular saw rip guide. Cut the plywood base and pieces carefully to make sure they have parallel sides and square corners. Make the slots and the hole for the blade and blade guard by first drilling 3/8-in. holes in the corners and then cutting between them with a jigsaw.

How does an Accu cut work on a circular saw?

The Accu-Cut attaches to a circular saw in a similar way as the Rip-Cut. The bottom of the Accu-Cut has anti-slip guide strips that keeps it in place. This means the Accu-Cut doesn’t need to be clamped in position. The saw simply follows the track which allows it to make straight, accurate cuts every time.


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