how to use a compound miter saw crown molding

What makes a compound miter saw "compound"?

Compound Miter Saw is the saws that can be adjusted and produce a Compound cut which can be done from different angles. What makes the compound miter saw is the ability to adjust the required angle and to create transverse miter cuts. Also, the blades hold the ability to go from up to down for the purpose of making contact with wood.

What is a compound miter saw?

A compound miter saw is a type of specialized miter saw that can rotate the blade as well as head at different angles other than 90 degrees. It is also sometimes known as a single compound miter saw because the head only rotates while it is angled on one side. The user needs to flip the board in case of getting angle cut in other direction.

What is a sliding compound mitre saw?

Sliding Compound Miter Saws. The compound miter saw is a specialized power tool used for making crosscuts in lumber and other materials. It consists of a motor and blade combination mounted on a pivoting arm that is brought down to the material by pulling on a handle.

What is the best saw for cutting trim?

Miter Saw—A much better saw to use for cutting trim molding. Also called a 'chop saw,' this tool has a fine toothed blade that you pull down on the work piece. You can cut in different angles. Radial Arm Saw—A variation of the chop saw, this one is ideal for precise cuts.


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