how to use a cordwood saw

What's the best price for a cordwood saw?

Wood Saw has new paint and new wood deck. Blade has never been sharpened.3-Point hitch - Makes cutting firewood an easy chore.Call two76-952-8990 Before 9 PM. Cordwood saw $325Bring a trailer if you want to see what my best price would be.

Which is the best wood to use for cordwood?

Northern White Cedar volumetric shrinkage 7.2%: Cedar is the ideal wood for cordwood because it possesses so many of the qualities needed to make a successful cordwood building. However, other woods can be used with confidence.

Why do you need counterbalancing on cordwood saw?

Furthermore, the counterbalancing prevents the saw's weight from carrying it down into the wood. Instead, you control the speed of the cut by applying pressure to the handle. Several of the features incorporated in our table's design are specifically intended to increase operator safety.

What kind of logs are used in cordwood masonry?

Cordwood masonry is a method of log building that is NOT like standard log home construction. Instead of using long logs that run the length of the walls, this style uses short logs of a uniform length (typically from 12-24 inches, though it can be more or less) laid with the end grain facing out like this:


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