how to use a craftsman scroll saw to cut out jersey

What do you need to know about a craftsman scroll saw?

Craftsman scroll saws use powerful drive motors and top-quality blades to give you the cutting performance that you expect. Craftsman scroll saws are loaded with safety features to help you avoid painful accidents. When your Craftsman scroll saw isn't working, visit Sears PartsDirect for the repair parts you need to fix the problem.

What's the best way to cut wood with a scroll saw?

Bring your project up to the blade, and aim it towards the first line that you need to cut. Press the wood down and forward to guide it into the blade. Adjust the wood as necessary for small turns using your forefingers and 1 thumb. Keep the other thumb out of the way of the blade as you guide the wood.

What's the best way to set up a scrollsaw?

It's in and ready to go, the wood is in your hand, and you're standing in front of the scroll saw. Turn it on. Set the speed for the material, if this is a multi-speed or variable speed scrollsaw. The harder the material, the slower the stroke you want to use. Metals, using the correct blade, use the slowest possible speeds.

What's the turning point on a scroll saw?

Once the blade reaches a turning point of 90° or larger, draw the wood back towards you to move the blade back through the line that has already been cut. Turn the wood around so that the blade is facing the adjacent line, and continue cutting and guiding your project past the blade.


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