how to use a flat end scroll saw blade

What should I consider when buying a scroll saw?

Consider blades when purchasing a saw. One of the biggest decisions to make when buying a scroll saw is whether to get a machine which takes “pin-end” blades or “plain-end” blades. Pin-end blades – have a tiny cross pin on both ends. These pins rest in hook shaped holders.

Can you use a spiral blade on a scroll saw?

You can even use a plain end spiral blade or PGT blade with this kit on your saw! With a greater choice of plain end scroll saw blades – more tooth styles and narrower blades available, people with scroll saws made to use pin end blades can use these ‘more advanced’ blades if they install the Olson Scroll Saw Conversion Kit.

How do you cut wood with a scroll saw?

Aim the blade of your scroll saw so it is in line with the first line you are cutting and guide the wood slowly into the blade. Use your forefingers and one thumb to move the material through the blade. Go back once more through the line that has been cut and remove the wood once you turn.

What do the ends of a scroll saw blade look like?

The ends of plain-end scroll saw blades are expectedly square, flat, and plain. Their flat ends affix into the jaws of small blade clamps that hold plain-end blades in the scroll saws that accept them.


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