how to use a hole saw attachment

What can a hole saw be used for?

A hole saw is used to create holes in relatively thin material like plywood. These holes are created for wires, duct work, pipes and door knobs. Hole saw drill bits come in one size, which are attached to a powerful drill. You will need one hole saw drill bit for each size hole you plan to make.

How do you attach a hole saw to a drill?

These tools can be purchased at any hardware supply shop. Notice that the hole saw has a bit that can be attached to the pilot drill. Attach the hole saw bit to the pilot drill through the threads in the chuck arbor. Secure the two together by screwing them tightly.

How long does it take to make a hole with a hole saw?

It only takes a few seconds to make a hole, but what takes the most time is freeing that wood plug from the saw. Here’s an easy and methodical way to clear your hole saw so it’s ready for the next cut. Hole saws have openings on the side so you can stick in a slotted screwdriver to work out a stuck wood plug.

What to do when hole saw gets stuck on wood?

When the hole saw drops down on the wood and makes contact, it can get stuck on the wood and wrench the drill and your hand around instead of going through the wood. If this happens, stop the drill and lift up on the saw a bit. Start the drill again and lightly make contact with the wood so that the saw can work through the wood gradually.


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