how to use a hole saw to cut wood

What kind of material can a hole saw cut through?

Wood and plaster are common workpieces, but metal, glass, ceramic, concrete, and stone still fall to the hole saw. Despite the name, this tool looks more akin to a drill bit than a saw – in fact, its cutting edge rests at the end of a large diameter cylinder, and this is spun on a power drill to cut through your chosen material.

How do you make a hole with a hole saw?

One solution, as shown in the drawing, is to use a wooden plug as a pilot. Using a hole saw the size of the existing hole, cut a plug from a piece of scrap wood. Extract the plug from the hole saw, and impale it on the pilot bit of the larger hole saw.

What's the best way to cut a hole in wood?

Increase the drill speed and push in with moderate pressure after the teeth of the hole saw have cut a 1/8-in.-deep groove. Run your drill at almost top speed for drilling in wood and slow speed for metal. Slow the drill speed and back out the hole saw occasionally to clear the sawdust out of the groove and keep the hole saw cool.

What to do when hole saw gets stuck on wood?

When the hole saw drops down on the wood and makes contact, it can get stuck on the wood and wrench the drill and your hand around instead of going through the wood. If this happens, stop the drill and lift up on the saw a bit. Start the drill again and lightly make contact with the wood so that the saw can work through the wood gradually.


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