how to use a hole saw without being smacked

How to make a hole with a hole saw?

Steps 1 Drill the Pilot Hole. Mark the center of the circle on the board. ... 2 Place the Hole Saw. Place the hole saw’s drill bit into the pilot hole. 3 Make the Cut. Holding the drill/driver with both hands, start the drill and bring the bit up to speed. ... 4 Remove the Disc. Unplug the battery from the drill/driver. ...

Can a hole saw be used without an arbor?

Sometimes a situation will require that one needs to create a hole but cannot use an arbor with a drill bit. 1. Hole saw. In this case a Milwaukee 3/4 inch Hole Dozer was used

Can a hole saw be used as a drill bit?

A hole saw is a circular cutting tool designed as a drill bit; hole saws are fitted into your electric drill's chuck just like any other bit. Hole saws made for cutting tile are coated with a carbide grinding surface and can be purchased at most home improvement stores.

How to avoid blow out with hole saw?

Here are two ways to avoid blow out: Clamp a scrap board to the back of the workpiece and drill into that; drill halfway through from one side and then finish the hole by drilling through from the opposite side. Hole saws are equally adept at drilling through metal as they are at boring through wood.


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