how to use a jointer straightening tool jig for table saw

How does a table saw jointing jig work?

To straighten the opposite edge, remove the board from the jig and set the jointed edge against the fence and rip it to width. With a good quality sharp blade, this table saw jointing jig is capable of making glue ready edges without any additional milling.

What kind of tool do you use to make a jig?

A jointer is a tool that is designed to provide a smooth, flat edge on one long edge of a board. From this straight edge, you can then create a parallel edge on the opposite side of your table saw.

Can a tablesaw be turned into a jointer?

Fortunately, there's an easy way to turn your tablesaw into a jointer (only a 2.75" wide one, but nonetheless: a jointer.) This involves making a jig that clamps onto a non-straight board while providing a nice straight edge to ride against the fence and produce a single straight edge on the board.

How do you joint a fence on a table saw?

Slide the jig and fence toward the blade. Mark the position of the back of the blade on the jig. Remove the jig from the rip fence and move the fence to the left side of the blade. You need to VERY carefully position the fence for the cut in the jig that creates the offset.


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