how to use a kerfmaker on a table saw

Can a table saw be used as a kerf maker?

Whether you own a table saw, chop saw, radial arm saw, the Jointmaker Pro, router table or any other tool that makes a clean kerf, you can use the KM-1 to expand that kerf to suit your needs. It is an amazing little tool that has earned our coveted “Bacon Saver” status.

What do you use kerfmaker dado jig for?

Kerfmaker Exact Width Dado Jig / Make Perfect Dados! Cutting dados is one of the necessary wood joints in woodworking. It is used in many forms of furniture, shelving, cabinetry, tables and much more.

Can a kerfmaker be used with a router?

Kerfmakers can be used with dado blades, router bits, and saw blades. Place a straight piece of wood against the saw blade. Use a square to align the kerfmaker with the straight piece of wood. Be sure the lower piece is slid tightly against the Masonite. Turn the adjusting screw so it just touches the near edge of a sawtooth.

Can a kerfmaker be used as a flip stop?

This tool is first "calibrated" to the particular cutting tool’s exact kerf. This is a one-time step. You gauge the thickness of your stock with the Kerfmaker, lock and you now can use the Kerfmaker as a flip stop to create a groove the exact width of your stock! One Kerfmaker will work for every tool you own.


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