how to use a pole saw with strap

What can you do with a pole saw?

The handle gives you control over powering and working the saw blades at the top, while the pole gives you the reach to work on bushes, trees, and shrubberies that are taller than you from a safe distance. In general, pole saws are most often used for: Clearing brush that might weigh down your plant and break its branches or stunt its growth

What should I wear to a pole saw training?

Wear the correct PPE: head, ear and eye protection; gloves (anti-vibration if possible); non-snag outer clothing; steel-capped boots with a heavy tread pattern on the sole for grip; chainsaw chaps or pants

Can a pole saw cut without a lubricant?

However, a well-lubricated pole saw should be capable of cutting without any problem at all. If the chain and bar are not well lubricated, gradually the friction caused. As a result, it will damage both the guide bar and the chain. Another amazing feature of echo pole saw is its improved gearbox.

Can a pole saw be carried like a backpack?

The Echo Gas Powered Pole Saw has an impressive shoulder strap which will increase your comfort. At the same time, it is quite useful for manoeuvring. For carrying it easily, the company has designed it like a backpack harness.


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