how to use a small jig saw

Can a jigsaw be used to cut wood?

When it comes to cutting curves on a wide variety of materials, few power tools compare to the versatile jigsaw. Just like the hand jigsaw, an electric jigsaw can cut precise curves on wood, plastic, metal, and even ceramic tile. To use a jigsaw to cut curves, you can start with a freehand cutting line and carefully follow that with the jigsaw.

Is it safe to use a jigsaw as a beginner?

A jigsaw is one of the safest power tools you can goal and is great as a “beginner saw” However, as well all power tools you want to take precautions to ensure jigsaw safety. Always wear safety glasses and it is best to wear a mask to prevent breathing in sawdust.

How to use jigsaw puzzles to spice up your lessons?

This introduction game with a jigsaw puzzle is definitely for primary school students. Teachers often introduce themselves by telling their name, hobbies, if they have kids or not, what they like or don’t like and so on. Try to switch things around with a jigsaw activity.

What do students learn in the jigsaw method?

As active learners, students are directly immersed in the information and material, which promotes a deeper understanding of that material. When students are given the opportunity to contribute to a group, they also learn life skills such as communication and working within a timeline.


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