how to use a speed cut saw

How does the cutting speed of a cutting tool work?

All cutting tools work on the surface footage principle. Cutting speeds depend primarily on the kind of material you are cutting and the kind of cutting tool you are using. The hardness of the work material has a great deal to do with the recommended cutting speed. The harder the work material, the slower the cutting speed.

Where can I take a saw and blade sharpening course?

Take a course on saw and tool blade sharpening. Foley-Belsaw has offered courses in sharpening for for more than 30 years. The course used to be held in a workshop and is now offered online. The online course is self-guided study and is based on the use of the Foley-Belsaw 1055 Sharp-All tool. Contact a saw and blade tool sharpener near you.

Can a circular saw make a straight cut?

A circular saw can’t make a perfectly straight cut by itself. It needs a little help from a fence or cutting guide. There are four ways to make straight cuts with a circular saw. The four ways are with a speed square, DIY circular saw cutting guide, Kreg Rip-Cut or Kreg Accu-Cut.

Which is the best blade speed for a track saw?

Indeed, cutting saws of this category with an impressive 1,350-3,550 rpm blade speed are always going to be the top draw of track saw due to their ability to cut incredibly accurately at all times.


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