how to use a speed saw

What's the proper way to use a power saw?

Emphasis should be on clamping material if possible, hands away from the blade path, letting the blade reach top speed before cutting, and moving out and down in with the actual cut. The saw should not be lifted from the bottom of the cut until the blade is fully stopped or the material may catch and kick away from the machine.

Where can I take a saw and blade sharpening course?

Take a course on saw and tool blade sharpening. Foley-Belsaw has offered courses in sharpening for for more than 30 years. The course used to be held in a workshop and is now offered online. The online course is self-guided study and is based on the use of the Foley-Belsaw 1055 Sharp-All tool. Contact a saw and blade tool sharpener near you.

What's the best way to use a reciprocating saw?

1. Locate yourself in a good steady position prior to making cuts with the reciprocating saw. 2. If the reciprocating saw has a variable speed control, set on fast speed for cutting wood and on slow speed for cutting metals. 3. Select the correct blade for the type of material being cut with the reciprocating saw. 4.

How does a speed saw work with a Hunker?

This jig attaches to the Speed Saw and provides a pivot point on which the cutter can rotate in a perfect circle. You may be able to cut larger circles by attaching a string to a center pivot point and tying the other to a screw, nail or other center pivot point.


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