how to use a track with skill saw

Can a track saw be used with a circular saw?

The track saw or plunge cut saw works essentially the same way how you use a circular saw with guide rails systems. You can find out more about track saw here. See the Makita SP6000J1 track saw with a 6-1/2-inch blade. There are mainly two kinds of circular guide rails that you can use with a circular saw.

How does a track saw guide rail system work?

Most track saw guide rail systems offer a line-of-cut indicator, such that you know exactly where the blade will cut, as well as anti-chip systems to protect your work piece. Simply put, if you can maintain control of your cut, you can attain your desired results safely and efficiently.

What kind of saw is a skill saw?

The saw that we are talking about is a circular saw. It is called a skill saw because the company that made it originally was called Skillsaw Inc. After that, skill saw became a universal name for circular saws or other hand-held saws. A circular saw can be used for making cuts in materials or cutting through them.

Which is the easiest cut with a track saw?

Easy for Any Angle – With most machinery, square cuts are the easiest, but with a track saw, angled cuts are just as easy. (Photo by Manufacturer) Smaller Can Be Better – The DeWalt track allows the user to make a narrower clamped cut than with the Festool and Makita style track (below).


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