How to Use accucut xl

How does ACCU cut XL track guide work?

The track guide is designed for simplicity: just mount your saw to the Universal Sled, align the Accu-Cut™ XL track to the cut line, and make the high-quality cuts you need. The anti-chip guide strips prevent splintering and tearout through the entire length of your cut.

How big of a cut can ACCU cut XL make?

It rips, crosscuts, and makes angled cuts up to 100" long in plywood, MDF, and other large panels with accuracy and control. The Accu-Cut™ XL guides your circular saw along an extended-length aluminum track that holds the saw steady and keeps your cuts straight.

What do you need to know about ACCU cut?

Includes a foot & inch counter, preset cut storage system, security keypad, cut counter, change blade reminder, multiple product settings and more. The machine will automatically stop precisely at the programmed length! Material can easily be inspected as it travels across the tabletop.

Can a KREG ACCU cut XL be used with a circular saw?

Thanks for the question. The Kreg Accu-Cut XL will work with most full size 7 1/4" corded circular saws.


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