How to Use air reciprocating saw

What can you do with an air powered reciprocating saw?

Air-powered reciprocating saws make straight and curved cuts in sheet metal, plastic, and other materials. They are smaller and lighter than corded or cordless saws so they can access smaller spaces and can be operated with one hand. These air-powered reciprocating saws are made by Chicago Pneumatic.

What kind of material can a reciprocating saw cut through?

Pressing the trigger moves the saw blade up and down (the reason it is called a reciprocating saw) to quickly cut through materials. Reciprocating saws are powerful, and able to cut through tough materials like hardwood, masonry, fiberglass, drywall, metals, ceramics, and much more.

Are there any safety precautions with a reciprocating saw?

Make sure the blades are sharp enough for the job. Dull blades are dangerous as they cause you to apply excessive force. Never cut through concealed surfaces without checking beforehand. Never operate an electric reciprocating saw in wet conditions. Never plug it into an outlet without ensuring that the switch is off.

What to do when you replace a blade on a reciprocating saw?

Once you have replaced the blade, make sure that your new blade (or accessory) is securely installed to your reciprocating saw. Check that the blade is straight, and give it a tug or two to make sure that there’s no chance it will come flying off when you turn on the tool.


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