how to use atkins saw set

Where was e.c.atkins saw works located?

Here is a period artist's rendition of the Atkins saw works and the location today. The 1907 view is looking towards the southeast, with S. Illinois St. on the left and W. South St. on the right. On the right are stack of lumber behind the handle mill and kiln.

Which is the best Atkins saw to buy?

The Nos. 400 and 401 were Atkins' finest saws, and the only ones made with rosewood handles. They had more taper grind and more polished blades than Atkins' next-best saws. The Nos. 400 and 401 were priced 63% higher in 1937 than the mid-priced Nos. 51 and 53.

When was the Atkins cast iron saw invented?

This cast iron and wood handle was patented by Atkins in 1875. The example photographed was for sale in Kentucky in late 2014. The 1937 catalog describes the Nos. 53 and 65 as very good quality saws suitable for everyday work, identical except for the style of blade.

What kind of wood did e.c.atkins use?

This pair featured taper grinding followed by a high polish and ribbon grinding along the back. The handles were apple wood, ergonomically shaped, and beginning in the early teens were embossed with a distinctive floral design (bottom photo). By 1937 Atkins was using a chip-carved wheat design for the Nos. 53 and 65.


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