How to Use band saw blade sharpening machine

Do you need to sharpen a band saw blade?

When you are looking to sharpen your band saw blade, you can do this in two ways. Purchasing a mechanical bandsaw blade sharpener can be expensive. It could be a smart choice if you need to sharpen your band saw blade regularly. Other than that, manual sharpening can save your money.

What kind of sharpener do I need for a log saw?

The Alix AF 531 sharpener is a machine for sharpening band saw blade teeth of log saw s. It is a simple and functional machine for correctly sharpening several types of blades. It consists of a compact steel, e...

How does a dinasaw bandsaw sharpener machine work?

Dinasaw’s range of Bandsaw sharpeners are the most accurate, versatile and cost effective machines available. The Manual machine is operated by turning a handle. One turn of the handle will sharpen one tooth. The Fully Automatic machine is just that.

Can a Dremel be used to sharpen band saw blade?

A Dremel with a small grinding wheel can be used to sharpen a band saw blade, but it’s a lot of manual effort. With this easy to build jig, you don’t need to remove the blade from the saw, and you can hit it at a consistent angle each time. Use plain wood blocks attached to a piece of 1/2” plywood to make the holder for your Dremel.


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