How to Use band saw jig

Can you make a jig for a bandsaw for free?

Here is a free plan to make and use a bandsaw dovetail jig. Build this band saw table and fence with this great free tutorial. Assemble this simple jig using 3/4 inch plywood and you will be cutting perfect circles with your band saw. This is a link to a Google 3D SketchUp drawing for a quick and easy circle cutting jig for your bandsaw.

How does a circle jig work on a band saw?

This jig is adjustable for different size circles and it’s held to the table with simple turnbuckles. You can cut circles on a band saw by simply driving a nail into a piece of plywood clamped to the table, using the nail as a pivot point for your workpiece.

What's the best use for a band saw?

I’ll show you my top 5 uses for a band saw and how it works in my shop. The bandsaw is a great woodworking tool to add to any woodshop to help you resaw lumber, cut circles with a bandsaw circle cutting jig or just make curves. I hope these tips and tricks will help you use your bandsaw in your own shop! #woodworking #bandsaw #quicktips

What kind of jig do you use for a table saw?

How to Make Featherboards Chris Baylor. Another jig that is widely available at woodworking suppliers is the featherboard or variations on the featherboard, designed to be used with a table saw or router table to hold the stock securely against the cutting head or blade.


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