How to Use band saw machine price

How does a horizontal band sawing machine work?

The horizontal band sawing machine does the same job as the power hacksaw but does it more efficiently. The blade of the bandsaw is actually a continuous band which revolves around a drive wheel and idler wheel in the band support frame. Two band guides use rollers to twist the band so that the teeth are in the proper cutting position.

How much does a bandsaw machine cost in India?

Double Column Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine BDH200A 200 mm $3039 Rs. 2,13,600/- 9 Double Column Semi-Automatic Horizontal Bandsaw Machine BDH400A 400 mm $8093 Rs. 5,68,800/- Bandsaw Machine Price List here is inclusive of transportation cost as well as installation cost.

What should I do before using a band saw?

Ensure sufficient light while using a band saw. Wear goggles or safety glass to protect your eyes from flying wood chips. Avoid unnecessary ornaments of clothing to keep yourself safe from the sharp blades. Check the condition of the blades and wheels several times before plugging on the machine.

How is the size of a band saw determined?

The metal-cutting vertical band sawing machine, also called a contour machine, is made in a variety of sizes and models by several manufacturers. The size of a contour machine is determined by the throat depth, which is the distance from the saw band to the column.


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