How to Use bandsaw blades for sale

What's the best way to use a band saw?

Know that you can always order blades for a used band saw. 2. Make sure the band saw blade is stretched tight before using. A tight blade will allow you to consistently create straight and uniform cuts. 3. Release the tension on the bandsaw blade when not in use.

Where can I buy a custom band saw blade?

Check your available gifts! At, we provide custom welded-to-length band saw blades. Please use the categories to the left to filter the blade results.

Do you have to sharpen the edges of a bandsaw?

When you are sharpening any tool, bandsaw blades, circular blades, even axe blades, it is important to try and maintain the integrity of the blades original edges without changing the angles or geometry.

What are the different types of bandsaw blades?

Bandsaw Blade Tooth Styles and Sets. There are three basic tooth styles in bandsaw blades: regular, skip and hook. Regular tooth blades have proportionally spaced teeth and are ideally suited for general-purpose cutting and contour sawing. Regular blades are ideal for cutting thin materials with a fine finish.


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