How to Use bandsaws

What's the best use for a band saw?

I’ll show you my top 5 uses for a band saw and how it works in my shop. The bandsaw is a great woodworking tool to add to any woodshop to help you resaw lumber, cut circles with a bandsaw circle cutting jig or just make curves. I hope these tips and tricks will help you use your bandsaw in your own shop! #woodworking #bandsaw #quicktips

How is a band saw held in place?

The blade is held in place by guide blocks on either side of the blade as well as the tension on the blade. If you're a beginner getting started in woodworking and want to learn the basics of using a band saw, the following articles will give you a good start.

Can a power hacksaw be used as a band saw?

The power hacksaw is used for square or angle cutting of stock. The powered band saw uses a continuous band blade. A drive wheel and an idler wheel support and drive the blade. If horizontal type; the blade is lowered onto the material to be cut. If it is a vertical bandsaw, the piece is fed into the blade.

What kind of guide block to use on bandsaw?

The square steel guide blocks found on many older saws are bad news: They can cause a blade to overheat, and they'll quickly dull a blade if they come into contact with its teeth. Replace these blade killers with Olson Cool Blocks.


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