How to Use battery mitre saw

What's the best battery life for a miter saw?

The expected battery life. Try to get a cordless miter saw that offers the longest possible battery life. The more cuts you can get out of a single charge, the less time you will have to spend changing batteries and waiting for them to recharge. The best cordless miter saws let you do close to 200 cuts per charge.

What can you do with a miter saw?

Miter saws are designed to make crosscuts and miters in wood and other material. They have circular saw blades attached to a frame that tilts down onto workpieces to cut into the surface. Also known as “drop saws”, they may also be used with abrasive discs.

Can a miter saw be unplugged when not in use?

Keep the saw unplugged when not in use. Miter saws should be bolted to a stable work surface or securely clamped onto a miter saw stand. New miter saws are adjusted at the factory but vibration during transport can knock the saw out of alignment.

Which is better a laser or a cordless miter saw?

The Milwaukee cordless 12-inch miter saw also has a little light switch right near the handle that gives you a shadow cut line. It works much better than a laser—with better accuracy and visibility in bright sunlight. This feature should be standard fare on all miter saws.


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