How to Use battery powered pole saw

What kind of battery does a pole saw use?

Ideal for medium to large yards, cordless pole saws rely on a rechargable 20 or 40 Volt Lithium-Ion or Ni-Cad battery for their power, making them less powerful than other power options. A great choice if you need the ability to reach longer distances or higher trees.

How many volts does a pole saw need?

Power ratings begin around 20 volts, which is OK if you’re working with small branches. You’d need a 40-volt cordless to match the power of a corded tool.

How to operate a pole saw in Australia?

3.4 Operate pole saw in line with safety regulations, adjusting technique in response to condition of the tree. 3.5 Diagnose unexpected characteristics of a tree during trimming operations and review tree assessment if required. 3.6 Complete cutting once initiated, to minimise splitting.

Which is the best pole saw for home use?

The unit brings enough battery life and power to the party for a typical homeowner. An excellent option for noncommercial use. Well balanced and easy to control. Plenty of cutting power. 40V battery packs plenty of power. Easy maintenance. Keeping tension on the chain can be a challenge. Unit is shorter than most.


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