How to Use benchtop metal cutting band saw

What can you cut with a band saw?

A band saw also makes the smoothest cuts and, with the appropriate blade, can be used to cut materials other than wood, including metal. Band saws are available in a wide range of sizes with different cutting capacities. They are available in small bench and large floor models.

What kind of blade does a benchtop band saw use?

The 3/8″ wide, 6 tpi blade that comes standard on the BAS230 gives a good quality of cut and leaves a relatively clean kerf. The saw’s large cast-alloy table offers good support to larger workpieces, and is the only table in the group with a fully ribbed surface.

Which is the best cutting saw for metal?

The Klutch Metal Cutting Band Saw is pricier than the rest, but it is one of the best band saws available for metal. The motor is much more powerful than other options at 1-½ HP and there are 4 variable speed adjustments for the blade. Even at high speeds the blade will have no problem cutting metal due to the bi-metal blade construction.

How big can a Wen benchtop bandsaw cut?

The WEN 5 in. Metal-Cutting Benchtop Bandsaw makes easy work of brass, aluminum, copper, steel and more. Cut pipes up to 5 in. Dia or rectangular materials up to 5 in. x 4-7/8 in. size. Variable speed operation allows for blade rotation anywhere from 125 ft. to 260 ft. per minute to help ensure the perfect cut on a variety of sizes and materials.


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