How to Use best circular saw for woodworking

What's the best thing about using a circular saw?

One of the good things about using a circular saw is that you can angle the blade to make bevel cuts. However, one issue is that the blade guard can catch on the wood as you start your cut. To prevent this from happening, hold the blade guard up until you get an inch or two into the cut.

How long does it take to make a circular saw?

It takes about an hour to build this circular saw rip guide. Cut the plywood base and pieces carefully to make sure they have parallel sides and square corners. Make the slots and the hole for the blade and blade guard by first drilling 3/8-in. holes in the corners and then cutting between them with a jigsaw.

How big of blade do you need for circular saw?

If you’re doing some general woodworking (as most users will be), then a standard circular saw and crosscutting, rip cutting, or combination blade will be just fine. If that’s you, you can probably just skip on to step 2. Even outside of basic woodworking, most jobs will use a standard sized circular saw which uses a blade between 5 and 10 inches.

How do you guide a circular saw through plywood?

Hold the square in position as you guide the saw through the board. For longer rip cuts, such as for sheets of plywood, accessories like a saw guide can help you stay on track.


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