How to Use best makita circular saw

What can you do with a Makita circular saw?

Contractors and homeowners alike find that Makita circular saws make it easier to cut wood, metal, and even masonry for construction or repairs. The company's reputation for high-quality power tools has made their circular saws a common sight in garages and on jobsites all over the world.

Can a circular saw be used with a rail guide?

This is a show and tell of the Makita rail guide adapter for XSH03Z circular saws for use on Makita rail guides. ▶ Makita 18V Sub-Compact Brushless 2-Pc. Kit: You get a fully functional, accurate and easy to use track saw solution for half the price of a plunge saw without losing the general utility of the circular saw.

Which is the best circular saw on the market?

Makita makes some of the best circular saws on the market, with many models suitable for DIY and pro use. The company makes the lightest 7 ½” saw available, which should handle most DIY and professional applications. Makita also makes an 8 ½” saw that is almost as light as their 7 ½” model at close to the same price.

Is the Makita xsr01 a cordless circular saw?

The Makita XSR01 is without a doubt a Pro level tool and users looking for the most power in a cordless circular saw or a corded worm drive replacement for rip cuts should give this some serious consideration. Powered by two LXT batteries; X2 LXT technology delivers more power, speed and run time without the hassles of a cord


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