How to Use best miter gauge

What's the best way to cut with a miter gauge?

Making Square Cross-Cuts With a Miter Gauge. As you learn to use a table saw miter gauge, the easiest cut to learn is a square cross-cut, where the miter gauge is set to 90 degrees based on the angle markings on the gauge, and the end of the board is cut square.

Which is the best brand of miter gauge?

INCRA miter is another best brand of miter gauge with having great features and accuracy and also give the best and perfect cuts for its users. Due to its excellent features, the workers want to get it and use it for their requirements. The efficiency and cut capability of the brand is significant; that is why this tool is excellent.

Do you use miter gauge and fence at the same time?

Compounds cuts are made by setting the miter gauge at a desired angle and bevel of the saw blade at the same time. When making cross-cuts avoid using the miter gauge and fence at the same time. Why? Because when you slide the board towards the saw using a miter gauge the board will most likely bind against the fence.

How does a framing square work with a miter gauge?

The framing square will have a scale on the inside edges of each leg, starting zero at the inside corner. Insert the miter gauge into the miter slot and release it so it’s able to be freely adjusted. Hold the framing square against the miter gauge with the 10” mark lined up along the edge of the miter slot.


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