how to use bi metal hole saw

What can you do with a bi metal hole saw?

Bi-metal hole saws are suitable for various applications . With the bi-metal hole saw HSS you work more in the drywall sector. Especially in wood or soft plastics you can achieve a cutting depth of up to 28.0 mm.

What kind of hole saw do I Need?

Modern hole saws offer various cutting profiles that allow us to cut a wide variety of materials. Bimetal hole saws will allow us to cut all manner of wood and metal products; diamond hole saws are suited to tile and masonry; and carbide tipped are best for high speed wood and fiber cement.

What kind of hole saw does Kobalt use?

The Kobalt 13 piece bi-metal hole saw set is built for heavy duty cutting applications. Large openings provide fast removal of cut materials, easy plug ejection, and increased visibility while cutting

What should you know about HSS and carbide hole saws?

When drilling with the hole saw, it is important to observe the corresponding speed table. There are different speed tables for tungsten carbide hole saws and HSS and bi-metal hole saws. The HSS and carbide hole saws have cutting edges made of HSS or tungsten carbide (TC) .


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