How to Use bosch 4100

Can a Bosch 4100-09 be used as a table saw?

You’ll definitely want to buy a great blade to go with your 4100-09 – but that’s no different from any other portable table saw. Like most comparable saws, the Bosch has a retractable extension which runs out to the right side of the blade. At full stretch it’ll provide a 25 inch ripping capacity. This is just OK.

What's the difference between a Bosch 4100 and 4100-10?

Thank you for your question. The only difference of 4100-09 and 4100-10 is their gravity rise wheeled stand. The 4100-09 has TS2100. while the 4100-10 has the GTA47W. For further assistance, contact us at 1-877-BOSCH99 (1-877-267-2499) from Mon-Fri 7A-7P CST.

Where can I find a Bosch training plan?

Training plans consist of a number of pre-defined courses and can be found in the category “certification”. Single online courses are available in “additional training”. Begin your course and start learning. If you have selected an online course you can start it right away.

Is the Bosch 4100 with a gravity rise stand?

There are several versions of the 4100; you can purchase the saw alone (4100), with a Gravity Rise wheeled stand (4100-09), or with both the wheeled stand and a digital rip fence (4100DG-09). You can purchase the digital display (DC010) for the fence separately.


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