How to Use bosch csm180b

Is the Bosch ccs180 a good circular saw?

The old guard of circular saws that this Bosch represents just can't seem to match the power, accuracy, and cutting depth of newer models. The CCS180 could certainly make a satisfactory trim saw, but it will come up short for bigger work.

Where did the Bosch ccs180 finish in the shootout?

In the end, the Bosch CCS180 finished near the bottom of the pack in 13th Place with 32.9 points. As I mentioned at the beginning, it was one of the oldest saws in the shootout and compared to the new kids on the block, it lacks power and has a stingy cutting depth.

What kind of power tools does Bosch have?

Bosch Power Tools feature a professional line of table saws, cordless drills, circular saws, angle grinders and more. This is what reliability looks like.

How to get training at Bosch Building Technologies?

Get the maximum benefit form your training experience. Begin your training at the Bosch Building Technologies Academy in just three simple steps. Register once to the Bosch Building Technologies Academy. Your request will normally be processed within 20 minutes.


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