How to Use bosch reaxx table saw

Where does the Bosch REAXX table saw come from?

The Bosch REAXX Jobsite Table Saw is based on patented technology developed by the Power Tool Institute and the engineering team at Robert Bosch Tool Corp. in Mount Prospect, Ill. We believe that advanced REAXX safety technology does not violate any competitor’s intellectual property rights.

What is the name of the Bosch table saw?

But, since 2004, SawStop has been the only manufacturer from which to choose in the skin-sensing table saw market. This fall, however, the brand options are about to expand by one, when Bosch’s much-anticipated GTS1041A REAXX™ Portable Jobsite Table Saw becomes available to the public.

What kind of wood can you cut with Bosch REAXX?

The only two choices were Bosch or SawStop. Since my wife works for Bosch, I got a good discount on Reaxx so I bought it. I cut hardwoods, softwoods and sheet goods. The saw has plenty of power to cut them all. The areas that could be improved are dust collection and fence system (I had DeWalt before so loved their R&P system).

How does a Bosch Jobsite table saw work?

“There’s a heritage in jobsite table saws that Bosch has spent decades building, and users will find that this saw maintains that high standard.” At the heart of REAXX is Bosch’s Active Response Technology™. The saw’s built-in computer uses a low-voltage, low-current electrical signal that’s imparted into the saw blade.


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